Wayne County

If you have been registered with Wayne County's Vendor Management system please click "Create Account " to verify and activate your account as a registered supplier in the Wayne County Supplier Network. If you are a supplier that has been invited to participate in a sourcing event, please login by entering your e-mail address, password and then click on the "Login" button.

Register To Do Business With Wayne County

Click on "Create Account" to start the registration process. This is a two step process. Once the first step has been completed you will receive an email which will prompt you to continue with the registration process.

Enter your email to Login/Create Account

If you have not registered as a Supplier to Wayne County, please click the "Create Account" button below.

Please contact Wayne County Human Relations/Business Inclusion at humanrelations@waynecounty.com or +1 313-224-5021 for assistance.

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