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Welcome to Clemson University's Supplier Portal.

In order to be set up as a supplier which will allow you or your company to receive payments from Clemson University, it is required that suppliers or individual payees who are not employed by Clemson University register through our secure website. This website is used in place of the IRS Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form (W-9) and allows us to collect information required by the IRS, as well as, additional information that supports the University's reporting and compliance requirements.

All sections of the form must be completed and submitted by an authorized company representative or individual. If this form is being completed for a business, it is recommended that it be completed by the business manager or accounting office.

If you are an international supplier or individual, whether or not you have a US tax identification number, you will need to work with your Clemson University contact to complete any additionally required paperwork.

If you already have an account or have been invited to use the Accounts Payable Portal, please login by entering your e-mail address, password and then click on the "Login" button.

If you receive this message after entering your email address, “Clemson University Supplier Portal is not accepting new registrations. Please reach out to them via the information on the bottom of the page.” You will need to go back to your original emailed invitation and click “REGISTER NOW”. If you cannot locate the original invitation, please email and request the invitation to be resent to you.

Trouble logging in? Contact JAGGAER at 1-800-233-1121

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Please contact Suppler Help Desk at or +1 864-656-6179 for assistance.

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