Utah Public Procurement Place

Registration FAQ

  • I have read the FAQ list and I still have questions. Is there anyone else I can contact?
    • ​If you still have questions after reading the FAQ list, please contact the U3P Admin Team at sciquestadmin@utah.gov and include your name, company name, and contact information along with your question and we will contact you within 24 business hours.
  • I can't remember my password and the security question isn't working/I can't remember the answer to my security question.
    • To ensure vendor account security is upheld, the U3P Admin Team is not able to reset passwords. However, you may contact Jaggaer Support directly through a Support Form or at 1-800-233-1121.
  • My business is a franchise and the system is not allowing me to register. What can I do?
    • For franchise situations, register your company with your legal entity name and list the franchise as the DBA.
  • I have not been receiving notifications of sourcing events.
    • ​Review your vendor registration and ensure you have set up Sales and/or Corporate contact. These are the contacts that receive notifications of new sourcing event postings.
  • The system is telling me that my company is already registered, but there are several locations/sites of my organization and we all manage solicitations separately.
    • ​An email will automatically be sent to your company's admin and to the U3P Admin Team team to review your registration. If your issue is not resolved in 24 business hours, please email sciquestadmin@utah.gov.
  • I have uploaded everything necessary to complete my registration, but the system is not allowing me to Certify and Submit.
    • Review the addresses and ensure the following address types are completed: Remittance, Fulfillment, Other(Physical). All these addresses may be the same.
    • Review the contacts and ensure the following contact types are completed: Remittance, Fulfillment. These contacts may be the same.
      • To receive notifications of new sourcing events, ensure there is a Sales and/or Corporate contact on the registration profile.
  • I can't find the appropriate commodity code to register for.
    • A list of all commodity codes used by the Utah Public Procurement Place can be found at the State of Utah's Division of Purchasing Website under Vendor Information. (purchasing.utah.gov)
    • If you are still unable to find an appropriate commodity code, please contact sciquestadmin@utah.gov

Please contact U3P Admin Team at sciquestadmin@utah.gov for assistance.

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