Welcome to Supplier Registration

Registration is a two part process that will allow suppliers to be ready for business opportunities with Wayne County. You have the capability to save your work during registration and edit your profile after completing the registration process. If you have been previously registered in the Wayne County Vendor Management System it is still necessary to complete registration in the Wayne County Supplier Network and verify all supplier information.

The registration process

  1. Click the "Continue with Registration" or "Next" button below, to begin the registration process.
  2. Ensure all the required fields and sections are completed.
  3. Attest to the validity of the information and submit the form electronically.
  4. You will receive your Login ID and password via email once you have submitted the first half of registation. You will then login and continue registartion by completing the the forms.
  5. After you are registered you may, login when needed to update your profile or to add additional contact information as necessary.
Before you begin registering

Compiling the necessary information prior to beginning the process will ensure a smooth and trouble-free registration.

The following information may be requested during the registration process:
  • Contact information for you or your business (if applicable)
  • Address, phone, and email information
  • List of commodities and associated NAICS codes.
  • Tax ID number
  • Current certifications (if applicable)

Please contact Wayne County Procurement at procurement@waynecounty.com or +1 313-224-5151 for assistance.

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